Sharon LaRose

July 10, 2022

Sharon & Jimmy LaRose – We’re Both Recovering Controllers

Sharon LaRose has been writing for 65 years. She encountered Christ at age 16 at a Nazarene Church in Kingston, NY and has taken great care to memorialize her life’s journey with Him ever since. This morning Kristi and I woke up yet again to one of my mom’s many missives.  Kristi insisted that we read her writing together and then followed it by sharing an affectionate comment. Kristi couldn’t help herself and observed, “Like Mother Like Son.”  Here’s what this 80 year old woman of
May 31, 2021

Jimmy LaRose Baby Walking w Sharon LaRose (1968)

 Jimmy LaRose Baby Walking w Sharon LaRose (1968) Kingston, NY – Jimmy LaRose, born James Paul LaRose in Kingston, NY (September 2, 1967) seen here learning to walk with his loving mother Sharon LaRose and grandmother Florence Brinkerhoff. His father Joseph LaRose is actually filming.