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InsideCharity.org Debuts New Year’s Day 2018

InsideCharity.org - America's Trusted Nonprofit News Source

InsideCharity.org – America’s Trusted Nonprofit News Source debuted on New Year’s Day 2018 at https://InsideCharity.org. InsideCharity.org is┬ácurated by a nationwide network of academicians, practitioners and philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to advance the common good. Read More…

Millions Raised: No Feasibility Studies

Meet Aimee Vance “America’s Super Consultant” Who Raises Millions With No Feasibility Studies – Watch The Video Here

Feasibility Studies are a rip-off and the fundraising consultants who discovered chapter six of RE-IMAGINING PHILANTHROPY know it! They’ve been gnashing their teeth about the section carefully titled:

Feasibility Studies: The Crack Cocaine of Nonprofit Consulting

There are only a handful of nonprofits in the U.S. that could ever benefit from a feasibility study. Don’t let the fundraising consultants deceive you into buying a Read More…

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