January 7, 2024

Jimmy & Kristi LaRose Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary in 2024

Jimmy & Kristi LaRose’s marriage is “love exemplified.” They do not judge. They overlook defects and only celebrate their strengths. Together, they are truly more than the sum of their parts and minister to people high and low around the world. Now in their 10th year of wedded bliss they enter that final season of life on earth anticipating their best years ever! https://JimmyLaRose.com https://KristiLaRose.com
August 14, 2022

Hall Powell – The Missing Link w Jimmy LaRose & Chuck Reich

Hall Powell – The Missing Link w Jimmy LaRose & Chuck Reich celebrates a very special episode of Overcomers TV. Meet Hall Powell as he shares how he and his wife Melinda Powell have spent their lives in service to Jesus Christ by ministering His love to the hurting and hopeless CHRISTIAN BELIEVER. Hall’s book The Missing Link is now in it’s 4th Edition and continues to inspire people around the world as they pursue a life of transformation.
March 21, 2020

Charities Can Survive COVID-19 – Lessons From 2008

Charities can survive COVID-19 by applying what we learned from the nonprofits who survived the Greatest Downturn In The Economy Since The Great Depression. Simply review National Development Institute (NDI) & Clemson University’s clinical study evaluating 2008-2011 charitable outcomes involving 470 nonprofit leaders who completed a ninety-item, online survey examining their capacity building initiatives. We asked nonprofit leaders to consider a specific capacity building effort they were undertaking in the future.