NANOE Board of Governors – Money is Oxygen

When it comes to charity “Money is Oxygen!” Click on the YouTube video above to witness the historic first hour of NANOE’s Board of Governors Convention & Expo live from Columbia’s Metropolitan Convention Center. Hear Bishop Redfern II, Charlotte Lunsford Berry and Jimmy LaRose inspire NANOE Governors to take charity to scale. Here’s what people who attended had to say. Debi Tengler, with Arrow Child & Family Ministries shared, “Really loved the challenge to question the status quo, so grateful to have a voice in the process, and the networking was the most beneficial in my professional career!” Megan Maanao, of the Strickland Family Foundation commented, “It’s time the nonprofit industry has a major revamp! Nonprofits are businesses, it’s time they start operating like one. I’m looking forward to seeing how each organization and foundation in attendance grows as they begin to implement the NEW best practice guidelines. Those not in attendance are going to soon wish they had been.” Finally, Larry Rubin, Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, “After having the honor of serving the non-profit community for over 40 years, it is heartwarming to be apart of NANOE’s 2017 Board of Governors. After attending the conference these past two days I am newly energized and better understand the difference between our agencies clients and mission, and boy does it make sense. Their research and resources will finally help Executives in the Non-Profit world to be valued the same as our counterparts in for-profit. I am looking forward to being apart of making the needed changes to better help future generations.”

The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives is the only nationwide membership organization in the U.S. for individuals seeking credentials in the art of nonprofit capacity-building. Practitioners who hold a prestigious CNE, CDE or CNC credential are “best practice” experts who grow charitable enterprise and discover new ways to advance the common good.

Please VISIT HERE to learn more about what happened at NANOE’s 2017 Board of Governors Convention & Expo.

Jimmy LaRose NANOE Board of Governors

Jimmy LaRose – NANOE Board of Governors


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