True Fundraising

True Fundraising…find a need and meet it…make a promise and keep it! The biggest obstacle we face in renovating civil society will not be boards, nonprofits, or consultants. The problem we’ll first have to tackle will be the misconceptions held by DONORS! Why? Because this idea that donors are a nonprofit’s primary customer will give YOU pause.

Our puritanical roots have warped our perspectives on giving. Tragically, millennial old distortions of Judeo-Christian ethics have falsely led people to believe that if there is some sort of personal inurement attached to giftgiving, the value of the act is neutralized and without merit.

Charity is not penance…charity is not a tax…charity is not a toll. The word “charity” comes from the Greek word charis and means…REJOICE, REJOICE, REJOICE!!!

Charities who understand true fundraising will bring out the best in you…will bring out the most in you…will bring out your finest gift ever and, in turn, provide millions in need a life worth living. Nonprofits who prioritize trust building will provide you an experience so graceful, that you ‘ll say in your heart, “I can’t wait to do that again, again…and again!”

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