Debuts New Year’s Day 2018 - America's Trusted Nonprofit News Source – America’s Trusted Nonprofit News Source debuted on New Year’s Day 2018 at is curated by a nationwide network of academicians, practitioners and philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to advance the common good.

When asked “why Inside Charity (IC) is America’s ‘trusted’ nonprofit news source” Senior Editor, Dr. Kathleen Robinson replied,  “First, we speak and act honestly. We are open and factual in our dealings with readers, investors, donors, project partners, governments, sector leaders and those with whom we consult. Second, we are not compromised by AD Revenues from for-profit corporations who sell nonprofits products they don’t need or work. Third, we disallow self-promoting individuals to write articles rooted in opinion instead of thorough journalistic work. Finally, we are straightforward in highlighting associations, networks, media outlets and intermediary organizations that need to change the way they pursue mission, impact and sustainability.” She ended with, “Inside Charity is truly ‘America’s Trusted Nonprofit News Source.'”

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