Charlotte Berry NANOE Governors Nominations Via Nominees Email

Charlotte Berry, affectionately named “America’s Volunteer” by National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) will open this year’s Board of Governors Nominations on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. Berry has generated millions of dollars for thousands of charitable causes through personal donations as well as through her own personal fundraising of public and private funds from others.

This is Charlotte’s second year serving as co-chair of NANOE’s 2018 Board of Governors Nominations Committee and has been tasked with organizing a group of industry leaders who will perform a comprehensive review of New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit (Second Edition). This prestigious assignment will require contributions from a wide-array of industry professionals from all stations within the public, private and charitable sectors. Vendors, CEOs, administrators, donors, board members and clergy who work or volunteer in the human welfare, education, healthcare, arts, animals, environmental and/or public benefit sectors have been nominated.

Charlotte Berry, Kristi LaRose, Joe Berry & Jimmy LaRose tackle Global Philanthropy

Charlotte Berry, Kristi LaRose, Joe Berry & Jimmy LaRose tackle Global Philanthropy

New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit (Second Edition) will provide the public a new set of governing practices that empower nonprofits to build capacity. Governors will contribute to the development of each guideline providing recommendations to refine, improve, and strengthen new policies that improve nonprofit function.

Bishop Redfern II, recently commented on Charlotte Berry’s leadership saying, “Charlotte’s unwavering commitment to NANOE’s mission is rooted in her childhood involvement in philanthropy and volunteerism. She credits her parents for inspiring her to give back.” In that same interview Charlotte shared, “Redfern is correct. My parents were definitely philanthropists certainly as far as their time and their talent went,” said Berry. “I grew up thinking that I really needed to be a part if everything philanthropic. I’m afraid I got carried away and got a little too involved at times, but I have loved every minute. I count it as a blessing that I’m able to give the time that I do. It’s a real opportunity.”

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